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Enhance your job application by adding a customized Cover Letter to complement your CV. Having a Cover Letter will help you stand out from the other potential candidates. We offer Cover Letters for all job fields and positions.

Professional Cover Letter Writing Service

If you want your resume or CV to really hit the mark then adding a cover letter to your job application is the way to go. Having a professionally written cover letter will make you stand out from the other candidates and show the recruiter your dedication. Cover letters are your chance to provide a little personalized touch to your job application and connect with the recruiter going above and beyond.


Many people miss out on attaching a cover letter with their job applications. A cover letter is your best weapon to defend yourself from the sea of candidates that are applying for the same job. Sometimes people find a good job, create a perfect resume, and practice well for the interview but are lost when it comes to writing an impressive professional Cover Letter. Optimum Resume offers professional cover letters that are created to match your target job and will complement your CV or resume really well.


With so much competition in the job market, a cover letter is the best. You cannot let the cover letter go as it is really important to use one if you want to make a positive impact. Sending in a cover letter will automatically catch a recruiter’s attention because not all applicants send it. We offer professional cover letters that are created to match your target job and will complement your CV or resume really well.


Usually, a cover letter is one-page document that is sent attached to the job application to the recruiter. A cover letter is the most personalized document of your entire job application. The purpose of a cover letter is to provide the recruiter with your professional objectives and summarizes your experience. It is also used to talk to the recruiter about how you will be an asset to their company.


While a resume focuses on your past professional experiences and achievements, a cover letter focuses on your future professional objectives. It is written in the first-person tense form and consists of 300 to 400 words. Here are some of the benefits of having a professional cover letter.

Benefits of a Professional Cover Letter

  • Adds a Personalized Touch: While a resume is factual, cover letters are personal and can be used to show the recruiter how your skills align with your target job position and what potential you will bring to the team if you are hired.
  • Show Dedication: Everyone sends in a resume but attaching a cover letter to your job application shows that you went the extra mile and this is all the advantage you need to prove how dedicated you are towards your career. A professional cover letter will set you apart from all the candidates who did not attach a cover letter.
  • Relevant Explanations: If you have a career gap in your resume, you cannot talk about why it is there or what is the reason behind that career gap in your resume because it is a professional document. However, a cover letter is a personalized document and your perfect opportunity to explain why you took a break. This will resolve any confusions that a recruiter might have and that may have caused them to reject you otherwise.

Optimum Resume Offers Customized Professional Cover Letters

Optimum Resume offers professional cover letters that are customized according to your resume, your target job, and the job market you are applying in. A cover letter is created to show the recruiter how you will be the best fit for their company and how you can work for their betterment. Remember, a recruiter is not much interested in giving you a job for your career growth, they are interested in giving a job to a candidate that can help their business growth. This means that the main objective of the cover letter is not to praise yourself but rather to prove to the recruiter how you will help business acceleration.


Our professional writers have proficient knowledge of the recruitment industry in Arizona as well as all around the world and understand what a recruiter looks for in a potential employee. This helps us create cover letters that are guaranteed to hit the mark. A professional cover letter will not only highlight all your biggest achievements but also highlight your abilities and knowledge. Cover letters are considered an integral part of a job application and they are as relevant as ever nowadays.


Another mistake that a lot of candidates make is attaching a generalized cover letter. This is the biggest mistake that you can make since a cover letter is supposed to be customized. A resume is a professional document that does not allow you to hold a conversation with the recruiter or talk about how you will be a valuable asset to them but a cover letter allows you to talk directly to the recruiter.


Optimum Resume provides you with a cover letter that matches your resume so that your entire job application is coherent.

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