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Professional CV

A professional CV for professionals belonging to any field or level. We will create a CV that emphasizes your experience, skills, knowledge, and capabilities. The CV will be targeted to impress and appeal to the potential employer.

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Professional CV Writing Service

Sometimes you need your qualifications and work experience defined more than usual and this is why we offer Professional CV Writing Services. While a lot of people believe a cv and a resume are the same things, they are not and each of them is used for different purposes. A CV is a more detailed document that contains all the information about your employment history, academic credentials, qualifications, and professional skills. Unlike a resume that summarizes your details, a CV is supposed to display all of your information in great detail which makes it lengthier as well as difficult to curate.

A lot goes into creating a well-written professional CV which makes it a difficult task for even the most experienced writer. A CV is one of the most crucial documents that a recruiter will use to understand and judge you based on your achievements and accomplishments. A professionally written CV will help seal the fate of your career in a positive way. A CV is your first introduction to the recruiter and if it is not impressive enough, you will never get the chance to introduce yourself personally.

Our professional CV will help you impress the recruiter and make it to the top of the list of potential candidates. Our skilled team of writers has insight into all the latest trends in recruiting industry, in Arizona, or anywhere else in the world, which guarantees you will receive a CV that is relevant and helps you show off all your experiences in the best way possible. We at Optimum Resume know how to fill out each section in your CV, from profile summary to work experience and education, in a way that all of your information is conveyed to fit the job you are applying for.

No matter which level you are currently at, our professional CV will help you go to the next one! Choose a package that is suited to fit your requirements.

Benefits of a Professional CV

  • Stand Out from Competitors: No matter which job position you are applying for; you are bound to have competitors. The chances are that everyone else who is applying for this job also has the same qualifications and experience as you do. So, how do you set yourself apart to make the recruiter notice you? Applying with a professionally written CV is one way to go about it. Recruiters are highly experienced when it comes to analyzing CVs and they can instantly recognize a regular CV from a professional one and this will help you make an impact.
  • More Detailed: Opting for a CV rather than a resume is another great choice if you have an extensive work history and want your future employer to know all about your previous qualifications and achievements. A CV is a more detailed document than a regular resume as it contains all details about your previous employment. A CV is usually preferred more if you are in a senior-level position or for any academic purposes.
  • Unique and Customized: We do not believe in filling a template with words just for the sake of it. With Optimum Resume, you get fully customized content that our writers create after they have analyzed your profile and learned all about your work history. We know each customer is unique and has their own set of requirements, this is why each CV we make is different and unique than every other. We make sure your CV is completely in line with who you are as a professional individual and is best suited to all your needs and requirements.

Professional CV with Suitable Formats

Creating the perfect CV is not just about writing good content, it is also about selecting a format that is fit and suitable to your requirements. Not only will we create a CV that contains well-written content but we will also make sure your CV is formatted the right way. CVs are usually more than 2 pages long and we make sure every section is filled out to reflect your abilities and skills. People often make the mistake of leaving out important information in a CV which leads to the recruiter dropping your job application in the “rejected” pile.


A recruiter only views your CV for 7 seconds generally which means you have just this little amount of time to make an impression and grab the attention of the recruiter. Although a CV contains a detailed description of your previous employments and comprehensive academic descriptions, we make sure that the most important information in your CV is highlighted so that the recruiter is able to see it even if they spent 7 seconds on it. A CV is your best chance at making the first impression and a professional CV written by our experienced writers is guaranteed to increase these chances. 


Choose a professional CV if you want to make a solid impression on a recruiter by telling them all the details about your professional history, including all the key achievements and accomplishments. Choose a professional CV from Optimum Resume if you want to increase your chances of impressing the recruiter with a very well-written and professionally formatted CV.

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