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Professional Federal Resume Writing Service

With over 150,000 federal jobs opening every month, the competition is really high but having a professional federal resume can increase your chances of getting hired. Our expert writers create federal resumes that are tailored for every federal job. Optimum Resume aims to provide you with professional federal resumes that highlight your skills, knowledge, accomplishments, competencies, and experiences in a way that Federal Recruiters and Hiring Managers are impressed.


Using Optimum Resume professional federal resume writing service will provide you with a federal resume you can be proud of as well as get a federal resume that will kickstart your future career. Our professional and certified resume writers will create a federal resume that gives you peace of mind and help you secure a stable federal government job in any field.


Our experienced writers create a customized federal resume that matches the required responsibilities and qualifications for your target federal job. You can choose from the multiple packages we offer, according to your experience.

Benefits of a Professional Federal Resume in Arizona

  • Sell your Strongest Skills: Securing a federal government job is no easy task and that is why the recruitment process for it is complex too. You will have to navigate a highly complex system and a professional federal resume help you make a great impact. A professional federal resume reflects the strongest skills that distinguish you from the rest of the candidates. Our professional writers will analyze your target job and then include the relevant skills in your federal resume that will make the recruiter believe you are perfect for the job role.


  • Special Formatting: A federal resume is a lot different than a regular resume which means that it also features a special format. Federal resumes usually have a standard format that is professional and deemed fit by the federal government hiring agencies. Since a federal resume is 4 to 6 pages long, it can be difficult for an individual to maintain the standard format but our writers are highly experienced and know how to write a resume that checks all the requirements of a federal resume.


  • Proper Structure: A federal resume has to be a lot more organized than a regular resume because it is judged on a really different and high-standard scale. Optimum Resume understands the importance of proper structuring and formatting of a resume and our certified writers know how to create a federal resume that not only contains well-written content but also has the proper and accurate structure to make it more effective.

Federal Resumes for Every Profession

Professional federal resume writing is more than just about adding your job, education, and skills to a document. Resumes for federal government positions are far more complex and valuable than simply adding relevant information. A resume is the most important document that will have a major impact on your securing a career in the federal government.



We write federal resumes for all job positions and industries in the federal government. Our expert federal resume writers in Arizona will conduct a thorough analysis of your profile and work history before they start the writing process. A federal resume requires more detailed information than a traditional resume and all the information you provide has to be correct. A federal resume includes everything from the number of hours you worked to your exact employment start and end dates. There is no room for mistakes in a federal resume and our professional writers understand this.  



A federal resume contains comprehensive information about your previous employment, education, achievements, and skills. The more organized and professional your federal resume is, the more functional and effective it will be in catching the attention of the recruiters in the federal government. A federal resume is very different than a regular resume since the job criteria for recruitment in the federal government are really complex


Professional Federal Resume that Follow Standard Format

Optimum Resume provides professional federal resumes that follow all the guidelines regarding information, template, and structuring set by the federal government. You are guaranteed to receive a federal resume that will impress you as well as satisfy all your requirements and more. Our one-on-one customer support helps us understand our customers better to provide them with a fully customized federal resume that is tailored to their target job. You will be able to communicate directly with your assigned writer until you are satisfied with the final result.

A professional federal resume is the main pillar of your future federal government career and the basis the recruiter will judge you on. Be it a federal resume for a senior-level position or for an entry-level one, we know how to create it in a way that your chances of getting hired are increased. 

Optimum Resume understands the complexity of federal government jobs, no matter if they are in Arizona or California, and their recruiting process so, we aim to provide professional federal resumes that impress our customers as well as wow the recruiters and hiring managers.

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