How to Write a Cover Letter with No Experience


A cover letter can change the entire fate of your job application because it shows your dedication. It helps in making an impressive impression on the employer as it shows that you went the extra mile. While a well-written and professional resume is the star of your job application, the cover letter is no less significant and you should include it no matter which position or job industry you are interested in. A cover letter that compliments your professional CV is your chance to make your application a little more personalized and sometimes that is all the employer requires to select you.

Even if you are a beginner with no experience, a professional cover letter can work to your advantage if you use it correctly. You can explain how you have enough skills, even though you might lack experience, that will help you handle the work. 83% of employers agree that cover letters are essential and expect that a candidate includes them. Here are some tips to write a cover letter with no experience so that you can increase your chances of getting your target job:

Contact Information:

Contact information and personal details are as much important in a cover letter as they are in the CV. Make sure you write down your contact information and your personal details like your name at the very top of a cover letter where it is clearly visible. Make sure all the spellings are correct and the information you are including is updated as it is what the employer will use to get back to you. You can also make this information appear more visible by making its font bigger than the rest of the CV, using a different color to write your name or any other design that differentiates it from the rest of the cover letter. All the content that should be included in your professional cover letter:

  • Full name
  • Contact number with country code
  • Email address
  • Address with state and country initials

Address the Cover Letter Directly to the Employer:

Using the recruiter’s name while addressing the cover letter instantly makes it personal and also shows that you are detail-oriented and have put in the extra effort. Using someone’s name can also help you develop a personal connection with them. You can easily find the name of the recruiter by visiting the website of the company you are applying to or from their LinkedIn. Use a polite salutation or greeting and do not make it informal by writing anything like Hello, Hi, or Hey. The standard professional greeting for a cover letter is “Dear” followed by the gender title that suits like Mr., Ms., or Mrs, and then their last name. For example, Dear Mrs. Ali or Dear Mr. Raza.

Start with a Bang:

The opening paragraph has to start with a bang and instantly get the recruiter’s attention. Recruiters usually have too many CVs to go through and chances are that they will not read the entire cover letter if it is not interesting enough so you have to make them stay by writing an effective opening paragraph. Even if you have no experience, start by writing which position you are applying for and why you are fit for the job or your purpose for applying for it. Mention your key achievements and skills and make sure you write the most relevant ones first. After this move on to explaining how you will be beneficial to the company. For example,



“I am excited to see an opening at ATL Medical Center and I am writing to express my interest in the Nursing Internee position. As a medical graduate, I’m highly capable of overseeing patients and assisting them by providing medical assistance to ensure their health. I am fully prepared to significantly contribute to your organization’s objectives and possess the ability, skills, and dedication required for this role.”

Relevant Skills:

Include any and all the relevant skills you possess in your cover letter even if you have no experience or work history. Remember to use a combination of hard and soft skills as the recruiters prefer an employee with both of them. Use the skills you have learned from your volunteering experience or that you gained during your education. Since you have no experience, you will have to use your skills to prove why you are perfect for the job. The more skills you add the stronger your job application will become; you can also explain how you developed that skill or if you have any previous experience deploying it.

Key Achievements and Accomplishments:

Include personal or academic achievements in your cover letter to show examples of your dedication and hard work. You can include anything from a high GPA to being a society president to achieving a fitness goal. Also, include any academic awards or certificates that you have received as they portray your accomplishments and have a positive impact on the recruiter. You can use any achievement and then relate it to the target job. For example, if you were a sports captain in your educational institute, you can use this achievement to portray your leadership or time management skills.

Professional Closing:

After you have completed the main body of the cover letter, you have to close it professionally too. Summarize the skills and qualifications that you have talked about in the CV and the cover letter in the last paragraph of your cover letter. Also, talk about why you want to work for the company or what value you will bring to the company if they were to hire you. Make sure you really make all your key achievements and relevant skills visible. Lastly, sign off your letter with a professional and appropriate sign-off such as Sincerely, Respectfully, or Kind Regards.


It is really important to avoid any mistakes in your job application so make sure you proofread your cover letter before you send it in for spelling mistakes and grammatical errors. You can also get a cover letter from a professional resume and cover letter writing services available in Arizona. Attach the cover letter with your professional CV and be ready to get a positive response from the recruiter. 

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