How to Write a Professional Engineering Resume

Do you know that you can use your resume as the most effective tool to market yourself? Though jobs related to engineering encompass a broad range of specialties, however still you can be considered the number one candidate after following the significant tips. We are laying down the 8 foremost tips from the resume experts to make your resume more prominent as compared to your competitors.



Add Summary Omit Objective

Instead of writing an objective, write a summary of your career as the traditional objective doesn’t only take valuable space, but can also hurt your sectioning. It is advised that many recruiters neglect solid candidates just because their mentioned objective didn’t match the required job. Add a qualification summary, certifications and awards, and relevant experience. With the help of a few hard-hitting sentences, you can make a summary of your career which lights your marketable qualifications. The idea is to grab the attention of the recruiter and be prominent among others. For instance, the career summary of a mechanical engineer should be like this:

“Mechanical engineer having 15 years of international experience and a strong background in automotive manufacturing, ISO, and Kaizen along with the qualifications: PMP- certification, Advanced Pro E license, and six sigma black belt.”



Precision or accuracy is most important when it comes to writing a resume for any job. Be for an engineering job or for any other job. Many inexperienced engineers neglect to correct their common and minor mistakes and don’t even proofread their resumes at the end to make sure it’s well optimized and spotless. According to an expert, “It’s imperative that should you not only check your resume three times before sending it to your potential employer but you should also have other people go over it as well to make sure it is perfect.”


Be Concise

Resumes get rejected or accepted within 30 seconds or less than that so your information must be concise and free from fluff words. You should make your resume by adding crisp words and the resume should be to the point. Look at your resume with an editor’s eye, as you think the information you write in your resume is important doesn’t mean the hiring manager will.”


Be Honest

Your resume shouldn’t contain any fake experience just to make your resume overloaded with words. Your resume should be compelling, not misleading. Don’t try to put anything on your resume that you can’t tell your grandmother. Don’t be fooled into thinking it’s okay to dress up your resume.


Customize Resume for Each Job

It is recommended to customize each resume for every other job as the days are long gone when the same pattern of resumes is used to apply for a job in all organizations. If you have mass posted and haven’t responded back to any specific employer then chances are high that your resume will probably be trashed. Customize every resume before applying to the specific role and engineering specialty you’re targeting. If you see a job ad for a project engineer on, for example, bring all of your experience in project management to the forefront of your resume.


Add a Project List to the Resume

In your engineering journey, you may find a dozen or more projects depending on your experience and you should add those projects to your resume. When your key projects cause your resume to overflow onto a third page, a separate project list sheet is an effective solution. If you can try to get your vitals on the page that would be perfect. If you need two pages, that’s ok. For any more than that, split the document and add your project list. List down the projects by previous employer or client and give a short one-sentence description of what you did and how you helped your previous client or employer. The foremost thing is don’t forget to include your project outcomes.


Key Accomplishments

Use bullet points to make your resume easy to read for the recruiter.

When writing in bullet points, make sure to write a few key points that make your employer understand the importance of your work. Here are examples of various engineering disciplines:

1. Conducted process mapping studies that resulted in 36% and ensured compliance with customer specifications.

2. Helped the organization to save $300k a year by co-developing material for cooling radiators.


Include Relevant Keywords

After writing a concise resume you should include relevant keywords to make it more reachable to your potential employer or client as the days are long gone when candidates used to go to drop their resumes and wait for the response from employers, now SEO has made it extremely easy: put relevant keywords and tags in your resume and apply on numerous platforms like a monster, LinkedIn and many other platforms.



Bonus Tip

While making your resume, set up your LinkedIn profile and put all your qualifications, certifications, and experience to stay connected with like-minded people. Engage with the audience by sharing valuable information about your skills, and comment on similar posts to make new connections with others as there is huge traffic on LinkedIn, be it employer or employee. Not only the platform is LinkedIn but there’re other platforms on which you can show your presence to reach your employer.



Boost Your Resume

While vying with other candidates you should make your resume enough prolific which jostle your employer to give you the opportunity as the days are long gone when the same pattern of resumes was used to get jobs. Now making a professional resume that can impress your employer has become easy. All you need is to provide your qualifications, certifications, and experiences and get your detailed resume from our professional resume writers in the next two business days.



Creating the perfect Engineering Resume might be a difficult task and require a lot of attention but with some practice, you can nail it. Not to forget you any can take help from any of the top resume writing services in Arizona to get a professional engineering resume that will open doors of opportunities for you and help you accelerate your career.