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Recruiters are using LinkedIn to hire employees and having an optimized LinkedIn profile means your name will appear at the top of search results. Make your online job application more appealing by adding an optimized LinkedIn profile to it.


$ 39
  • Suitable For Students, Fresh Graduates, And Entry-Level Professionals
  • For Individuals With 0-2 Years Of Experience
  • Higher Search Engine Ranking
  • Increased Connections
  • Get Noticed by Recruiters
  • optimization service does not include writing your profile content


$ 49
  • Suitable For Mid-Level Tier Professionals
  • For Individuals With 3-5 Years Of Experience
  • Higher Search Engine Ranking
  • Increased Connections
  • Get Noticed by Recruiters
  • optimization service does not include writing your profile content


$ 59
  • Suitable For Senior And Executive-Level Professionals
  • For Individuals With 6-10 Years Of Experience
  • Higher Search Engine Ranking
  • Increased Connections
  • Get Noticed by Recruiters
  • optimization service does not include writing your profile content

Delivery Time

3-5 Workings Days for Normal Delivery

24-48 Working Hours for Rush Delivery 

LinkedIn Profile Optimization Service

With technological advancements in everything else, the recruitment process has also undergone some changes and online recruiting has become a big part of it now. If you are not getting any positive responses to all the job applications you keep sending for different jobs even though you are using a professional resume then the problem might be your medium as more recruiters are moving online.


The biggest site for online recruitment is LinkedIn. Although the professional social media platform has been around for more than a decade now, since its establishment in 2002, it is in its prime stage now. More than one million recruiters are present on LinkedIn and 3 people are hired every minute via LinkedIn. All of these figures establish the importance of using LinkedIn for job search purposes, no matter which work industry you belong to. However, just being present on LinkedIn is not enough as the competition is really high in online recruitment too.


49 million people use LinkedIn to search for jobs each week so, how do you catch a recruiter’s attention among this sea of candidates? Well, Optimum Resume’s professional LinkedIn optimization services help you do just that. We excel in making an individual’s LinkedIn profile more functional with the help of the technical skills and experience of our prestigious writers. We provide one of the best professional resume and LinkedIn profile writing services in Arizona.

Attract More Recruiters in Arizona

An optimized LinkedIn profile helps you attract recruiters and get more exposure to potential jobs. Our goal is to maximize the quality of content in your profile to showcase your knowledge about your target job industry. High-quality content will not only make your profile rank good but it will also instantly impress the recruiter and showcase your dedication and professionalism. With so much competition, the early bird getting the worm scenario is very much real. A recruiter is bound to select the first potential employee they see that fits the criteria they have. Optimum Resume works to make your LinkedIn profile rank higher and appear first in search results. Appearing at the top of the search results in your relevant industry automatically increase your chances of getting hired.

With our LinkedIn Optimization Service, you will get a professionally analyzed, fully optimized, and organized profile that will market all your skills and qualifications in the best way possible. An optimized LinkedIn profile can do wonders for your career, here are some:

Benefits of an Optimized LinkedIn Profile

  • Higher Search Engine Ranking: The profile that appears first when a recruiter is searching for potential candidates has the highest chance of getting hired. With our LinkedIn profile optimization services, your profile will rank higher in all search engine rankings so that you get more chances to impress the recruiter.
  • Increased Connections: LinkedIn is all about networking and building connections to get more job opportunities. Some of the most important and influential people in the world use LinkedIn to post job offers for top businesses and you would not want to miss out on them. An optimized LinkedIn profile will allow you to increase your connections and keep an eye out for any job opportunities that might interest you.
  • Get Noticed by Recruiters: More than 67% of the recruiters go through the potential employer’s LinkedIn profile, even if you did not apply using LinkedIn. This means recruiters visit hundreds of profiles every day so you have to do more to get noticed by them. When a recruiter visits your profile, you get a chance to impress them and gain their attention by displaying all your qualifications and skills.
  • More Engagements: When your LinkedIn profile is optimized it has the ability to bring more engagement. You will automatically become more engrossed in all that is happening in the professional world and this engagement will bring more job opportunities your way.
  • More Exposure: Professional LinkedIn optimization will make your profile keyword optimized and this will help you achieve maximum exposure. You will also get the chance to connect with more people which will further increase your professional exposure.

LinkedIn Profile Optimization for All


Our professional writers are experienced at optimizing LinkedIn for all job industries and all job levels. Our Linkedin writers follow all global trends and changes in recruiting industry to implement them all across your LinkedIn profile so it stays relevant. We know all the best practices required for LinkedIn profile optimization as well as all the trends and tricks to make your LinkedIn profile reap as many benefits as it can. Your profile will not only have all the necessary information but it will also highlight each of your skills to the max.


Optimum Resume is ranked among the best LinkedIn profile and resume writing services in the world which proves our expertise and experience. If you think your professional life is stuck in a rut and you want to improve your employment opportunities, a professional LinkedIn profile optimization might be all you need to give your career a new life.

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