Optimizing Your LinkedIn Profile In 2023

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Why is Self Branding Important?

If you’re a top notch corporate person, sales person, marketer or working untiringly in any domain and don’t know how to market yourself, I believe you still need a lot to smarten up. Personal branding is a thing of the century, if done rightly, it could work wonders for anyone.  Most successful people from diverse industries use this skill best to their abilities to seek the attention that they deserve from the target companies. In this cutthroat competition where every individual is struggling to make their place and mark in the preferred industries, self branding is something that could help you achieve your goals smartly.

There are countless platforms today that could help you create brand out of yourself but the one that is used most by the jobseekers, employers, businesses, employees, trainers or motivational speakers is “LinkedIn”.

Being a professional in any field, if you already have a well-branded LinkedIn profile, you can skip reading this article. But, if you have an average profile that is not gaining you the attention you deserve, this article is going to be a savior for you from being ignored to getting your first dream job.

To begin primarily, making a successful LinkedIn profile to get yourself highlighted to the recruiters requires you to start think the way recruiters do when they search for the right candidates. Recruiters start the search by using the functional keywords related to the most relevant job titles for the job they are about to post, narrowing their search to location and industry.

How to get highlighted by optimizing the LinkedIn profile?

Your profile can only get highlighted to recruiter’s search results when short listing a candidate if you have followed each of the below mentioned steps carefully.

1) Optimizing your job titles

In order to appear in the search results of the recruiters, the first and foremost thing to do is to optimize your job titles. The very first element in the recruiters search for candidate on LinkedIn is by using the most common job titles to get the maximum results. If you want to use a unique job title, it is no harm, just make sure you have added the common title for the same job in the bracket to increase your chances to appear in the search results.  For an instance, if you are a sales person and your job title is key account manager, make sure to put “Business development manager” in brackets as it is the common term for key account manager. 

2) Optimizing your skills section

The way it is important to optimize job titles, it is equally important to optimize your skills section in accordance to most in demand skills related to job title you have put for better search rankings. Employers not only shortlist the candidates with the relevant job titles but also the skills relevant to it. So, if you have you not yet worked on this area, please conduct a research for the most important skills related to your job title and mention those skills after evaluating your ability to perform those skills practically. Do not try to mention the skills you would not be able to perform or prove if called for the interview because it may create a negative impression of yours.


3) Having a credible recommendations and endorsements

Recruiters prefer the candidates having credible recommendations on their profiles from the experts of the similar industry, profession or domain. For an instance, if you are a digital marketer, how would Neil Patel’s recommendation on your profile sound to a recruiter? It would be remarkable and employer without any second thought may call you for an interview. Don’t worry, you do not need a recommendation from the name as big as Neil Patel but you would certainly need recommendations or endorsements from the industry experts. They could be your bosses, colleagues, friends, teachers or anyone who knows you well and trust your abilities.


4) Growing your network by posting content relevant to your industry

In order to post the content, you would first need to analyze the kind of network you have and what industry majorly they belong to. Post informative or constructive content regularly in order to be in the highlights and getting noticed. Posting the content increases the engagement hence allowing you a chance to network with potential recruiters or people from different or same industries.

5) Profile picture and background

To seek the attention of recruiters or potential clients, it is important to put a professional and modernistic photo of yourself. Picture must show the confidence, reveal your aura and should make the viewer feel positive about you. Picture should be 60% of your face with the facial expressions that could work wonders. Also, put a background which could be a short informative message or any futuristic image related to your industry or domain. Putting both these things correctly raise the chance for you to get noticed by your network or potential recruiters.


6) Optimized profile headline and summary

Headline is your first encounter with the viewer and is something they would judge you for. Your headline should match the job title and the industry you belong to. Put the keywords in your headline that commonly appear in the search results to increase the chances of being highlighted the recruiters.

Similarly, your summary should be well optimized having the high search keywords. A brief description about you, I would say a three liner, could be powerful enough to get attention of the recruiters or industry experts. In order to write the description you need to be smart with choosing the words and putting them correctly. Your description should reveal your impact, contributions or achievements and the work you have done in particular domain. Moreover, it must reveal how you could be a value addition to any company.


Following these steps correctly could help you brand and market yourself to stand out and get the attention you deserve. Please make sure to create an effective URL which is another important element to enhance your appearance in the search results. You can find so many tips and tricks on internet on how to create a powerful URL.

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