Pros of using a professional cover letter

 If you want to make a positive impression on your employer, then using a cover letter is an opportunity that you can avail. It provides you with a more broad way to deliver your skill set and experiences.

A professional cover letter gives you a chance to elaborate your CV and discuss your achievements in an informal way while staying within professional limits. When you use a professional cover letter, you create better chances of getting yourself hired for a position you are applying for.

Therefore, in this article, we are going to discuss some of the most important pros of a professional cover letter.

Shows your character

Your cover letter manages to show your character and what kind of a person you are. Meanwhile, in a CV, you can only give a glimpse of your personality. The way you write your cover letter shows how professional you are and how well you communicate your ideas and interests. It shows what kind of a person you are and how committed you are towards your career. In this way, a professional cover letter is essential as it gives a more attractive picture of you as a suitable candidate.

Effective communication

One of the pros of a professional cover letter is, that it shows how effectively you can communicate and deliver your ideas. A well-written professional cover letter shows that you keep an eye on small details, like grammar and spelling. It shows that you can communicate in a professional way and also remain casual, by using appropriate wordings and balancing between formal and informal tones.


A professional cover letter is your opportunity to convince employers into making a decision about hiring you for the applied position. When you show how passionate and eager you are to become a member of a certain organization you make a convincing case for yourself in order to achieve your target position. Furthermore, you can convince them through your experiences and achievements that you are a worthy choice for the job.

Permits to details

A CV typically does not allow you to get into details, but when you consider a professional cover letter, you are able to provide more details about your experiences and achievements, you can easily discuss more about the projects you have worked on and describe their complexity and how you were able to comprehend it and reach organizational goals.

Employment gaps

The employment gap is a type of information that is very important, but you can’t add it to your CV, because CVs are to the point and offers specific information. Whereas, a cover letter provides an alternative to discuss your employment gaps for a better understanding of your career choices. Here you have a chance, to be honest, and share issues that caused employment gaps.

Gives an insight into the company

A cover letter gives you an opportunity to gain insight into the company, that you are willing to work with. Through proper research, you explore in detail the company, its goals and targets. It furthermore helps you align your CV according to the company and Job description. It helps you compare your interests with that of the company and make them consider you as a strong candidate.


When you send your CV to a recruiter, you are bound by their decisions, for example, will they view it? Will I be called for an interview? Whereas, when you write a cover letter and focus on the follow-up, you take the situation into your hands and end the dread of waiting. In the closing of the letter, you can easily notify them that on a particular date or time, you will contact them.

Ease of modification

One of the best pros of a cover letter is that it can be easily modified according to the job you are applying for. A cover letter can easily be written for each job by doing just a little bit of research and mentioning key requirements which you possess for a specific position.


Through your cover letter, you can establish a strong impression of yourself as a candidate, and show your eagerness to work with the organization, which you are unable to do in your CV, you can show them how excited you are to work with them and gain new experiences, through your cover letter you can explain to them, why you are a good fit for the position and are willing to be a part of their reputed organization.


A cover letter provides a platform where you can show off your achievements and deliver a more detailed view of how you achieved them and how your company benefited from them, so that the recruiter has a clear understanding of your skills and abilities, and how they can be of use for meeting future goals, making you an eligible candidate for the position.

Grabs recruiter's attention

When you write a professional cover letter for a specific job, you organize it in such a way that it attracts the attention of the recruiter.  It impresses your recruiter that you are a keen professional, who has taken out time to give your fullest to the cover letter, by doing research and then drafting it according to the needs of the organization before applying for the job.

Use of action verbs

One of the pros of a professional cover letter is that it allows the use of action verbs, which in results impresses the recruiter, as they highlight the skills and qualities of a candidate. Therefore, a cover letter allows you to use such verbs and make your cover letter memorable, and if a recruiter is looking for a specific trait in a candidate, you are their first choice.

Organising it

Organising your cover letter according to the company requirements is necessary, as it acts as a gateway to your career opportunities. A cover letter benefits you in a way that you mention all the relevant information in a friendly yet professional way, and the recruiters clear any sort of doubts they want to clear.

Utilizing your cover letter

If you utilize your cover letter in a proper way, it can make you an attractive candidate. By starting it with a strong opening and mentioning all the data in a clear and concise manner and typo-free, not using too many hard words or phrases that confuse the recruiter, keeping it short and brief, but containing all the necessary information, and making it readable, adding keywords to attract recruiter’s attention and ending it with a compelling note, makes it a very important document which you can use along with your CV to achieve your target of acquiring a position in your desired organization.

Thank you note

A thank you note gives off a very good impression of you. A cover letter gives you an opportunity to be humble towards your hiring manager and appreciates the time they took out to go through your job application.

As you can see now that a cover letter has too many pros which can be used to open new doors in your career and helps in advancing it. It just takes some time and once you are done with it, the benefits it provides are numerous and create solid chances for you to land the dream job.

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